The Palm of Norwich, a Gold Arts Award community art piece

Posted by The Garage Monday 01 April 2019, 10:48
  • Hand created in henna
  • Hand created in Henna

As part of their Gold Arts award, one young local Norwich Resident has created a community art piece which is currently on display in Locomotion Coffee. In their own words, this is the background of the piece: 

'I started this gold arts award intrigued by henna design & culture, therefore I developed my own henna designs as part of unit 1.

The event which produced the work which is currently on display in The Garage cafe, was inspired my my unit 1 work and also by my 'issue in the arts' essay, where i discussed the cultural use of permanent body art (tattoos) in showing identity.

I combined both of these influences into my event titled 'The Palm of Norwich' as participants (norwich locals) developed their drawing skills, starting with copying basic henna designs and then leading onto the creation of drawing images that combined henna with their own identities. For example, the majority of participants expressed their love of the outdoors with green colours and plant like structures, participants also wanted to show their favourite colours, patterns, favourite people and animals in their lives; all through the use of henna inspired drawing work demonstrating elements that made up part of their identities.
Each participant worked on part of the hand, to create a community final art piece.'

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