The Garage Support Workers

Posted by The Garage Tuesday 24 October 2017, 09:49
The Garage Support Workers

Hannah Bullent (Participation Co-Ordinator) and myself Adam Yaxley (Inclusion lead) are pleased to introduce to you our brand new support team. They are dedicated in giving pastoral support to all of The Garage’s participants and assist lead tutor in session delivery.

We have also been able to add a brand new Youth Arts Worker, Rachael Morrison, to the team who will have a focus in supporting those with challenging circumstances through our Foundations Courses and beyond.

This has all been made possible by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Big Lottery Fund’s Youth Investment Fund. Which was set up to benefit young people, providing new opportunities for them to get involved in their communities, support their personal development and get the skills and confidence they need to enter the workplace.

The support team are here to engage, inspire and provide encouragement to those participants who are experiencing barriers to participation. All support workers are trained to recognise additional needs so we can be flexible and adapt thig s as needed. We want to raise all participants’ confidence and aspirations and identify Gifted and Talented students within the session and report this back to the tutor. The support team role model the right behaviours and strive to give all participants recognition for their achievements. They are committed to removing any barriers so every participant can reach their potential and enjoy their own creative journey here at The Garage.

The support team are passionate about what they do and have expressed how they “wanted to be part of The Garage because I believe each young person, whatever their academic level, emotional/psychological capacity, behaviour history, or background should be given opportunities!

For a few members of the team they have gone full circle from being a participant to now supporting others.

James McConnel said “I wanted to support at The Garage because it was always somewhere that I felt incredibly supported and welcome as a participant. The atmosphere in the venue is especially inviting and I feel privileged to now be a part of helping create that. I believe all young people deserve the opportunities, and in my role of support we can enable anyone to achieve, regardless of the challenges they face

All the support team have joined The Garage with a real wealth of knowledge from years of work supporting young people with complex needs Collectively they have experience in supporting young people who have had a serious of challenging circumstances including substance misuse, mental health and wellbeing. They have undertaken a wide range of training to help them in their role Informal and Community Education (BAHons), youth mental health, knowledge and understanding in special educational needs and learning disabilities/difficulties, specific autism training, epilepsy, first aid training. This amongst our in-house Training and CPD programme.

Already this term the Support team have shown a tremendous energy and enthusiasm. But above all else the compassion and desire they have shown has gone a long way to ensure The Garage continues to create a positive environment for the whole community to express themselves.

Lastly we want to hear from you because the more knowledge and information you can share with the support worker the more understanding they will have to better address the participants needs. So take the time to get to know the support worker of the class that your son, daughter, friend or relative is doing and let them know of anything that may stop them reaching their potential.

If you would like to discuss any additional needs or discuss a participants engagement do not hesitate to contact myself Adam Yaxley 01603283368 or Rachael Morrison 01603283379.