Fairy Godmother's Journey to Norwich Market

Posted by Independent Artist Monday 03 December 2018, 17:14
Norwich river

When you are in a show, you get to live in loads of really exciting places! So when I heard that Norwich had a market, I knew I had to hit the road (like Jack), and explore! However, I think that my journey to the market was a lot less fraught than Jack’s… So, I put on my warmest coat, and winter boots and started on my Autumnal adventure.

I managed to find a secret cut through, worthy of Jack’s Fairy Godmother which magically cut down my walking time, and led to a lovely view of the city!

Norwich City skyline

Along the way, I also passed my favourite reading nook in Old Library Park, although, with all the changing leaves looks more like an enchanted forest than a park to me…

Bookcase in the park

Next up, I passed by the river, looking glorious in the mid-November sunshine!

The river in Norwich

Another secret cut through I found was to go through the Castle Garden,

Norwich Castle Garden

leading you right to the Royal Arcade and… the market!

You can spend ages wandering through the stalls smelling spices that can take you to other worlds, trying on clothes which have been on their own adventures

A selection of tweed jackets

or reading ageing books whose own stories match those written on their pages

Penguin book covers

I visited the haberdashery stall to buy some ribbon, which you may be able to see in the show…

The ribbon stall on Norwich Market

By this point, it’d gotten dark, the smell of roasted chestnuts and cinnamon carrying on the wind, but at least when you’re a Fairy Godmother, it’s only a quick trip through the tunnel of lights to get you home!

Norwich tunnel of lights

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